The 5 Day Detox is revolutionizing the concept of a detox. Unlike normal “cleanses” and “detoxes,” Nikki Sharp’s 5 Day Detox provides full meal plans with 5 meals a day to help you reduce bloating and nourish your body with vitamins and minerals. User’s were accustomed to using Nikki’s physical book to work through the detox but Nikki came to us to find ways to enhance this experience. Nikki had gathered a wealth of information such as the benefits of a detox, step by step recipe instructions, food substitutions, and ingredient lists with multiple recipe options. We wanted to bring all this information into the app without making it too overwhelming for the user.


We wanted the features that were developed to go beyond the functionality of a standard book. We made a shopping list easier for the user so everything would be sorted by aisle or recipe. We wanted users to customize their meal alerts so we built the feature right in during onboarding so you can set your plan for the week and be notified everyday. The most important feature was to allow user’s to track their progress and then share their results. We created a built-in before and after photo feature that allowed users to easily share their results after completing the detox. Within a week of release, the 5 Day Detox app become the #1 paid app in the Food & Drink category. User’s have been sharing their success stories on social media with the #5daydetoxapp. Nikki is now able to grow her audience and travel the world while sharing her best selling meal plan.

“Working with Cyrus and his team was a wonderful experience. They are extremely fast with communication, listens to their clients needs and work quickly and efficiently. Can’t recommend them enough!”

-Nikki Sharp

Founder of the 5-Day Detox App