Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram (‘FullyRaw Kristina’) is the most popular influencer in the raw vegan community, with millions of followers on social media. We met up with Kristina at a local vegetarian festival. One discussion led to another, and we proposed the idea of a mobile application. TouchZen Media was soon hired as her mobile application consultants to bring Kristina’s innovative content and the FullyRaw lifestyle to the iOS and Android markets. The subject matter expert, Kristina would focus on providing the exceptional content for the app, while TouchZen would create the perfect mobile experience to engage, delight and grow Kristina’s follower base.


Within a week of FullyRaw’s debut on the App Store, the app skyrocketed to become the #1 paid app in the Food & Drink category and a top 10 paid app across all categories. The FullyRaw app was awarded the 2018 W3 Gold Award for Mobile Apps in the Food & Drink category. For many of Kristina’s followers, the app has become the essential way to engage with Kristina’s content and practice the FullyRaw lifestyle. Our favorite feature is giving Kristina and her team the ability to add recipes and challenges within their own personal dashboard without relying on regular app updates. This allows the content to stay as fresh as her recipes.

“We’ve had a wonderful experience and everyone loves the look and feel of the app… Cyrus and the team were excellent at walking us through the progress. They do a great job with setting expectations. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

-Kristina Carillo-Bucaram

Founder of FullyRaw