TouchZen Media faced the challenge of developing an app that could make sense of complex user health data. With a growing interest in personal health tracking, users were inundated with data from various sources including wearables, medical devices, and third-party apps. The task at hand was to develop an all-in-one health tool that could seamlessly integrate with multiple data sources and provide meaningful insights to users.


TouchZen Media successfully released the FitTrack MyHealth mobile app, which revolutionized the way users track their health. The app provides users with various body metrics such as weight, BMI, and body fat percentage, and integrates with various wearables and medical devices to seamlessly collect data. Additionally, the app features state-of-the-art food tracking system that gives users the ability scan foods and and calculate macros, and uses all that data to calculate a comprehensive health score.

The FitTrack MyHealth app has been widely appreciated by users and the industry alike. The app has received numerous positive reviews and has been featured in various publications. Users have praised the app for its easy-to-use interface and ability to provide meaningful insights into their health data. With the FitTrack MyHealth app, TouchZen Media has successfully developed an all-in-one health tool that has simplified health tracking for users and has set a new benchmark in the industry.

“What impressed me the most was Cyrus’ ability to simplify complex problems to deliver and elegant and highly functional customer experience.”

-Jeff Serrano

VP of Product at FitTrack