Children's Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA) wanted to build a mobile app that their patients’ families could use to connect with social services. The application needed support both English and Spanish languages. Patients needed the ability to search various social services around their area, look up business hours, and find ambassadors that can assist them to find these services. 


We delivered a platform that allowed CHLA to fully customize the content to their needs. All the content in the application was controlled by a CMS that allowed the CHLA team to add social services, add ambassadors, and track application analytics. The application supports both English and Spanish languages. User's could use their location to find all services nearby. Various filters and categories allow user to find exactly what the need with just a few taps. This platform will jumpstart a new way for CHLA to serve their patients so they have all the necessary tools for their health and wellness. 

“What I appreciated about TouchZen Media was how they communicated. They were very generous with their patience especially when things got caught up on our side. Things tend to move very slowly in a large healthcare organization like ours, but they were very gracious through it all.”

-David Delgado

Innovation Strategist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA)