Beachbody On Demand application provides streaming access to hundreds of world-class Beachbody workouts to over 2 million subscribers. TouchZen Media worked with the Beachbody team to release BODgroups on iOS and Android. BODgroups is a community-based online platform that connects you to all the tools you need to help people get results. From a single platform, you can access your workouts, nutrition plans, activity tracking, groups and e-Commerce tools.


The growth of BODgroups provided more tools for users and coaches to communicate and motivate one another. Instead of using Facebook groups, coaches used BODgroups to directly work with their contacts to help them achieve their wellness goals. The addition of BODgroups helped increase overall app engagement by 25% across the mobile platforms. BODgroups also allowed users to share photos/videos, post motivational messages, and even start a live feed directly from the app. We implemented tools to allow coaches to quickly sync their contacts directly with their phone so they could easily find new leads and grow their client base.

“Cyrus was a real pleasure to work with, he was very smart and self-directed. I also appreciated that he was interested in implementing technologies and processes that helped improve the efficiencies and scalability of our product deliverables/releases. He didn’t need to be told to look for ways to improve the way we built our features or how we built them – he often came to the team with ideas and marketplace examples.”

-Michael Drudzinski

Executive Director, Digital Product Management at Beachbody