iOS 15 Hidden Features You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

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Apple made some pretty significant changes that aren’t necessarily noticeable at first glance but will undoubtedly improve your user experience and ease of use once you know about them.

Use your iPhone’s Camera to scan text.

Scanning is convenient to add text from physical books, papers, receipts, and more into your mobile device. Allow the Camera to use the scanner. From there, open your camera app and line up an image of whatever it is you want to scan.

Multitasking split view on iPad

Multitasking has always been a staple of Apple’s mobile devices. Multitasking is one of their significant differentiators in that they have come out with a fully-featured version. Now you can use up to three apps simultaneously.

Translate text from anywhere on your iPhone

Any time you find text, select it and copy it. Then pull up Control Center by swiping from left to right on your iPhone’s Lock screen. At the bottom of Control Center, tap Translate, paste what you copied in, and hit Tap to Translate. The text will instantly translate into a different available language.

Do not disturb during bedtime setting

Do Not Disturb mode sounds like a simple toggle to turn on, but it’s got a few hidden features. The first is to set up Do Not Disturb to be active from your bedtime until your morning alarm. When your iPhone goes into Do Not Disturb mode during those hours, it will ignore all notifications except notices.

Instantly Save Photos in Messages

The newest feature automatically saves pictures sent via text to your camera roll. This isn’t exactly revolutionary, but rather a slight improvement on an existing quality. After you receive and open a picture in Messages, tap and hold to save it to your camera roll.

Change the size of text used in specific apps

To change your overall device text size, open Settings and head to Display & Brightness. In that menu, you can lower or raise your text size and set it to Auto-Adjust to have it adjust depending on what App you’re using.

Move the Safari Address Bar Back to the Top

If you haven’t noticed yet, Apple decided to move Safari’s address bar to the bottom of your browser. If you don’t like it, Apple allows you to drag the address bar back to the top of the screen.

Enable ‘Hey Siri’ when the device is locked

This little-known feature lets you unlock your iPhone and ask Siri a question even when it’s locked. All you need to do is hold down your Home button or say, Hey Siri.

Hopefully, this article enables you to realize the hidden iOS 15 features you probably didn’t know and how you can integrate them into your everyday use.

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