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Apple has revealed the most downloaded apps and games of 2021. The 2021 App Store Awards recognized 15 different apps and games as the best of 2021. Some were surprising, while others were more expected to win specific categories. Apps and games are needed to impact someone’s life significantly, be groundbreaking in their field, or do something different from what’s currently available to receive an award. The featured app winners are:

Toca Life World, from Toca Boca

This app won the “iPhone App of the Year” award. It’s a virtual world that allows kids to create their characters and share them with others. Players can also build their ideal world by designing houses in more than 90 locations. According to Sensor Tower, the app had about 1 million downloads and generated around $7 Million in November 2021.

LumaFusion, from LumaTouch

This app won the “iPad App of the Year” award. It allows users to edit video clips using any device. Features include a multi-track timeline with unlimited video and audio tracks, support for photos and titles, playback at up to 4K resolution, built-in media store (including royalty-free music), support for most common graphics formats, voiceovers, etc. audio effects, color grading and more. This app could be very beneficial for businesses that need to edit quickly and on the go.

Craft, from Luki Labs Limited

This app won the “Mac App of the Year” award. It’s all about creativity and allows players to create anything they can think of using an extensive collection of shapes, patterns, stickers, tools, and more. Other features include:

Over 1 million unique user-generated worlds are available for everyone to play.

Multiplayer support with cooperative and competitive modes.

A fully integrated online store where players can access new content by spending currency earned in the game.

Carrot Weather, from Grailr LLC

This app won the “Apple Watch App of the Year” award. It’s an easy-to-understand weather app that uses humor to inform users about current forecasts, temperature, humidity, precipitation, and more. Other features include access to live weather radar maps, daily & hourly forecasts, Sun & Moon information, wind details, records, and more. This app could be an asset for outdoor travel and camping businesses to plan activities properly.

“League of Legends: Wild Rift,” from Riot Games, Inc

This app won the “iPhone Game of the Year” award. It’s a MOBA game that features two teams of five players who compete to destroy the heart of their enemies’ base before they can do so themselves. Other features include customizable heroes, crafting materials, runes and masteries, nine different maps featuring different gameplay, and more.

“MARVEL Future Revolution,” from Netmarble Corporation

This app won the “iPad Game of the Year:” award. It’s a role-playing game in the Marvel comics world and features turn-based combat, iconic characters, 3D graphics, and more. Players can collect over 100 heroes/villains, access special events every month with new content and quests, and more.

These are some of the most downloaded apps and games in 2021. They helped users delve into individual ardor, explore their creative selves, have new experiences, and have fun.

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